Co-Creation, Sympoiesis, Prototyping

7th May

2:45pm – 3:45pm

The project panel "Co-Creation, Sympoiesis, Prototyping"  seeks to diversify the conversation about the thematic strand "Sympoiesis of Making". It will focus on the contribution of design to matters of care through the design practices of the DGTF community and related fields.

Cornelia Gassler, Hochschule Luzern
Inherent Diversity: Co-Creation in Industrial Production and its Qualitative Impact

The presented project explores in open experiments the potentials of industrial production processes that include correlations between tool, material, production plant and designer/architect.

Khashayar Razghandi, Cluster of Excellence »Matters of Activity«, HU Berlin / Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Design-Science Studio “Scaling Nature”: from Bio-inspiration to Co-creation

Biology is the realm of co-being and co-making, and biological material solutions can be the source of inspiration for envisioning new design strategies that go beyond the alienated and object-oriented making processes.
MoA Design Studio was the result of an institutional co-creation between the Weißensee KHB, Matters of Activity excellence cluster and the MPIKG Biomaterials, where an interdisciplinary team from various fields teach, tutor and facilitate an open design exploration into the topic of bio-inspiration. Exploring issues around the entanglements of materials, structures, functions and ecologies inspired by biological systems was set as a potential playground to cover various themes and concepts, with the hope that the cross-pollination between all the engaged actants would enrich the design practice.
The talk would go through the experience of the two years interdisciplinary teaching studio, reflect on the involved processes and the growth of the projects, and highlight how such interdisciplinary environments can nurture the depth and diversity of the creative abstractions, modelings and prototypes.

Paula L. Schuster, FH Potsdam
Prototypes as Co-designers: A Taxonomy of Prototyping

How can designers train their prototyping skills? Prototypes in industrial, interface and service design are investigated according to what they do rather than what they look like. The presented taxonomy of prototyping analyzes what purpose prototypes are designed for and which roles they take on. Prototypes are not passive props but agents of the design process system. Acknowledging their influence and the cooperative potential they become co-designers.
The theory of prototyping is based on an ethnographic study. It results in a toolkit for design education to reflect and document the prototyping process. As the notion of prototypes changes, a new vocabulary of prototyping is needed. The talk invites not only training the prototyping muscle but also the prototyping brains.

Moderator: Natalija Miodragovic, Cluster of Excellence »Matters of Activity«, HU Berlin

Panel Speakers

Cornelia Gassler
Khashayar Razghandi

Paula Schuster
Natalija Miodragovic (Moderation)