Lea Schmidt

Hochschule Luzern/ TU Dresden

Lea Schmidt's research interests focus on design, sustainability and technology. Currently, she is a research associate at Products & Textiles research group, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Lea Schmidt studied design at the University of the Arts Zurich and Bern University of the Arts, followed by years as co-founder of a design studio, as head of a preliminary design course and as creative director in a company for physical brand experience and in the company-initiated research project on printing and finishing technologies. As a guest researcher, she gained insight into materials science and technology research in the 'Cellulose and Wood Materials' Lab at Empa.

In her doctoral study in collaboration with 'Technische Universität Dresden', chair of Industrial Design Engineering, she investigates design strategies in mono-material in order to simplify recycling processes while meeting the increasing demands for functional and aesthetic complexity in products.