Fara Peluso

Speculative Biodesign, Berlin

Fara Peluso is a Berlin based artist-designer. She graduated in industrial design at University Architecture 'La Sapienza' in Rome and studied as a graphic designer. Through speculative research she plays how to connect the human being with nature, living organisms and biological processes in a deeper relationship. Peluso wants to contribute to raise critical questions considering it a role belonging to artists and designers, asking how the design of new tools through a speculative methodology can be applied in this way. Fictional artifacts that tell the story of a possible future scenario about the quality of our lives, attitudes and choices.

As an artist-designer with a strong interest in Biology, Fara Peluso pursues her deep research on algae and fungi, taking inspiration, experimenting and understanding how to employ them inside the Art and Design field. Her work is focused on both the material and the procedural aspects, investigating through a speculative methodology possible closer relationships between human beings and algae.

In 2017 in collaboration with BioArt Laboratories in Eindhoven she developed the prototype for the project 'weaReactor', she exhibited at Dutch Design Week and at Futurium Museum in Berlin. In September 2018 her project 'Living Canvas' was selected and funded by innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft, in collaboration with Solaga and State Studio, Berlin. Constantly in search for new collaborations with scientists, research institutes and divers professional figures, Fara Peluso until December 2020 has been guest at the Institute of Biotechnology TU in Berlin as resident artist for the project 'Mind the Fungi', a two year collaborative project between the TU Berlin, the Institute of Biotechnology and Art Laboratory Berlin.