Emilia Tikka

Aalto University

Emilia Tikka is a transdisciplinary designer and researcher. Her current research focuses on re-designing human-nature-technology relations in technoscientific discourses and practices, focusing on synthetic biology and genome-editing technologies. She problematizes the current production of the 'human condition' by juxtaposing transhumanism and feminist posthumanism. Her research on design methods focuses on re-framing speculative design as care-techniques for the technosciences. She is currently a PhD candidate at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, in the Department of Design and a Research Associate at Tampere University, Department of New Social Research on biomedical technologies. She is also an Artist in Residence in EU project Art4med at the Finnish Bioart Society. Emilia Tikka`s former affiliations include: Visiting Scholar at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Artist in Residence at the laboratories of Max-Delbrück-Centre for Molecular Medicine in Berlin. Her works have been exhibited internationally at Ars Electronica in Austria, New York University Arts Centre in United Arab Emirates, Gregg Museum for Art and Design in USA, Imagine Science Film Festival NYC to mention a few. In 2019 she was awarded with the Kone Foundation research grant.